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Whether you need an iOS or Android Mobile App, Digital Supply can design and build a world-class solution for your business.

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Apps which are both Beautiful and functional

We love building iPhone and Android apps that delight users by the experiences they offer.
Companies partner with Digital Supply Co for apps to improve internal business processes as well as for ground-breaking startup ideation.

App Strategy

Launching an app isn't enough. Your product must be smart as well as strategic. Before we start designing or building, we strategically examine how to best meet your goals.

UI/UX Design

We get especially excited about custom architecting and designing your new App - rest assured we always aim to delight your users with design and interaction.

App Development

We build mobile apps with Facebook's React Native. This is an advanced framework which allows us to write code once and output to both iPhone and Android.

Alpha & Beta Testing

We ensure every app we launch goes through multiple rounds of rigorous, internal and external testing. We'll help you through this process.


If required, we can build the backend management portal + provide the keys and support for you to drive your new app.

App Store

Need help getting set up in the AppStore and Google Play? Not a problem. We can setup all the tricky requirements that Google and Apple require.

We work with

Budget Guidance

What is all this superstar magic going to cost? We've put together an overview on what you should expect, but keep in mind that it completely depends on what you need from us.

App Development

$ 10k+

iOS + AndroidAll mobile apps are different, requiring differing device access, interaction and network requirements. Here’s a guide on a fairly straight-forward app project:

✓ Project Management
✓ iOS and Android Apps
✓ 2 Rounds of Testing (Alpha & Beta)
✓ 2hrs Training & Consultation
✓ 4hrs Modifications
✓ Domain Name Purchase/Setup
✓ 4hrs App Store/s setup, consultation and submission

API (backend) Programming

$ 10k+

Custom DevelopmentMost apps need a database and backend in order to have data in the app and function. The following guide might be for a simple blog-like API.

✓ Project Management
✓ Custom API Strategy and Build
✓ Security and Authentication
✓ 4hrs Development Revisions
✓ 2hrs Training & Consultation
✓ Domain Name Purchase/Setup
✓ API Documentation
✓ Upload & Go Live

How realistic are those prices?

The above guide should be used as a starting price. Upon learning about your project’s requirements, we’ll provide a detailed scope of deliverables and a fixed price quote. The quote will differ from the above guide, respective to what you require from us.

Are there any other fees?

The Google and Apple app stores require registration fees in order to publish apps in each (please see the respective websites for fees). API’s require web hosting and any domain names to be purchased.

Can you work on my existing app?

We primarily work with React Native. We generally can’t continue development or bug fix an existing app unless it is primarily built on the React Native framework.

I heard that a 14 year old built an app, and is now a millionaire. Why do you cost so much for an app?

Heard of Instagram? They spend millions of dollars a year on development salaries for an app that essentially allows you to take and post photos. We charge fair fees for the time that we’ll spend on building the project for you.

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